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Cover of: Gere, Don - Werewolves On Wheels
Werewolves On Wheels
Finders Keepers | LP | 25 €

Back in stock!!! Yet another fascinating musical oddity from Mr. Votel and his cronies at the wonderful Finders Keepers. When not jaunting around the globe, finding musical curios like a cross between John Peel and Indiana Jones, Andy Votel can sometimes be found round the back of Threshers, rummaging through the bins looking for a cheap cider hit. This soundtrack recorded by the late Don Gere is like a film score era Ry Cooder. It's a very rootsy sounding album that has numerous nods to country music and psych rock. It at times reminds me of David Alexander Hess and his soundtrack to 70s shocker "The Last House On The Left". This soundtrack is from an 1971 exploitation film, which combines two different bedfellows...the outlaw biker and the traditional horror predictably (probably) schlocky effect.

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