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Cover of: Gunman & The Holy Ghost - Thing To Regret Or Forget
Thing To Regret Or Forget
A' | LP | 16 €

For fans of Lee Hazlewood, Roy Orbison, Hank Williams, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Jesus & Mary Chain, & Spiritualized.Gunman and the Holy Ghost is another music project created by Hakon Aoalsteinsson (The Third Sound). The songs were written in Berlin during the coldest months of the winter then recorded and mixed next spring time. Now available on 180 gram vinyl.From a review by JJ Baker: When I started listening to Gunman & The Holy Ghost it actually made me laugh. Such misery! This is melancholy with gristle! This album is barefaced in its misery-it doesnt resist it, it uses it. Song titles like "I Dont Believe In Love Anymore" and "Oh Lord, Let Me Die In Pain" are pretty good indication of what were in for here, though theres great variation on this deliciously dark album. Opener "The Eight To Five Train To Nothing" snared me right in the lip and I was willfully dragged up through that ink black water and onto the good ship Gunman. A relatively upbeat tune, it has some sad, sad lyrics:"I would want you here but youre nowhere near so I just keep steaming on; Into the wilderness and unhappiness right back where I came from" Lines like this are so damn dark, they bring a smile to my face.

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