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Cover of: Lyres - Lyres Lyres
Lyres Lyres
Munster Records | CD | 6 €

[ENG]Reissue of the second album by Lyres from 1986. Sound, attitude and a way of making music that you don't see around too often. Amazing track after amazing track make this record a brilliant example of a band at the top of their game.Tracklist:1. NOT LOOKING BACK 2. SHE PAYS THE RENT 3. YOU'LL NEVER DO IT BABY 4. I LOVE HER STILL, I ALWAYS WILL5. NO REASON TO COMPLAIN 6. THE ONLY THING7. STACEY*8. HOW DO YOU KNOW 9. YOU WON'T BE SAD ANYMORE10. IF YOU WANT MY LOVE11. BUSY MEN12. TEACH ME TO FORGET YOU 13. STORMY* CD ONLY[END]

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