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Cover of: Globsters - Rock And Roll Misery
Rock And Roll Misery
Karmic Swamp | 7″ | 6 €

Punk rock often focuses so much on hip and hyped big city scenes that we forget that punk is more than just fashionable young people going through their expected motions. Predictable style, cool personalities, high school politicking; destroy it all. Globsters is a resounding wake-up call that punk should be for true freaks and geeks, an open door for those unable to fit into the beaten path that society at large will offer us. One lone man in Hazard KY making the most genuine, heartfelt, and deeply inspiring punk rock currently to be found in the US.This new 7" trades in the tape-spliced style of the first 7" for real instrumentation and a wider variety of songwriting, from short/fast/loud ragers to metal headbangers to mid-tempo melodic love songs. I would say it is a 1.0 on the Muta scale.

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