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Cover of: Roy & The Devil
Because Of Woman
Voodoo Rhythm | CD | 18 €

One Question.. Would You make a Cover Version of : JOHNNY BE GOOD ? the answer is NO.. NO WAY !! every fucking Wedding Plastic Rock'n'Roll Band Plays this song.. that is right.. BUT you never heard the Roy's version of this song didn't you ? it kicks this song in a New Dimension, with All Respect to Chuck Berry they chop the Whole Song apart in prices and put it together once again in their own way of making Music.. and they do it with every song on this Record and with every Song they wrote for over 15 Years.The Band Formed 1991 in a Little Village on the Mountains in Switzerland, 3 Brothers (3 Guitars ) and Olifr on Drums, they started as a ack from the Grave' Garage Punk Band but still keep the Psychedelic and Blues in Mind. Now over the Years the Influence is Definitely more to Search in the Velvet Underground and Early Blues Like Elmore James and Spaceman 3, when they do gigs it's always a Happening, they print their own posters at Home and Record at Home making T-Shirts all at Home_ so they formed their own Company ROY HOME PRODUCTION, all records are always limited edition only.. except this one.. THIS IS THE REAL STONER_ KYUS and those Desert Rockers are o.k. but here you've got the Real Thing a Band who gives a damn what other people think turning their back on the audience while playing and Psych-out for a Big Time, Real Psychadelic Blues Trash VERY HYPNOTIC AND DEFFENTLY FROM ANOTHER SPACE

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