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Cover of: Pussywarmers - The Chronicels Of The Pussywarmers
The Chronicels Of The Pussywarmers
Voodoo Rhythm | LP | 16 €

This is the 2nd Full Length Release of Ticinos ( Italian part of Switzerland) EXOTICA OBSCURA FREAK SHOW VARIETEASE SEA CRUISE ORCHESTRA , the Pussywarmers. While Touring around Europe and writing new songs they figured out two very strong sides in the Band, on the one Hand: VERY GROOVY SWEET AND MELOW and on the other: COMPLETE OBSCURE AND INCREDABLE STRANGE and it was time to pay another visit at Nenes ( Movie Star Junkies, Vermillion Sands) Outside Inside Studio in Italy, most of the songs where recorded with only two Microphones in the Room .. ( 2 good Microphones and a great room J) and recorded on a TASCAM ANALOGUE MACHINE and invited Christoh Gantert ( the Dead Brothers, the Knickebockers) and Martin Schumacher ( ZOst, Knickebockers) the the Studio.What the whole Band Created recorded and Produced is Plain Speechless AMAZING . you will have ITALIAN Tarantella , Tango, Walz, Dixieland Jazz , Bavaria Beer Polka , Blues Trash , Psychadelic Punketc. all in one Pot and mix it up to get that CRAZY STRANGE WILD UNORTHODOX SOUND the Pussywarmers have, Most Songs are in English and some in their Native Language Italian, French and German .. ENJOY

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