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Cover of: Daytona, Ray & The Googoobombos - Caballero
Soundflat | LP | 13 €

RAY DAYTONA & THE GOOGOOBOMBOS are an Italian Band that have been playing their very own mixture of Surf, Punk, Garage and Psychedelic since the late 90s. Their surfguitars have a Punk Rock attitude which sounds somewhat influenced by THE CRAMPS, and the two singers Doctor Ds & Rosies voices combined with fast and energydriven rhythm and drums just are great Grarage-Punk.Their new album CABALLERO consists among others of instrumental songs, their great special combination of Surfmusic and wild Rocknroll, which unquestionably works; fast, energetic songs like "Dopamine" or on the other hand their dramatic and a bit more classical surf piece "Mojito Lounge" can only prove this. "Told me not to run" or "Walking down the line" are examples of their wild and punky vocal songs, which are no less convincing than their instrumentals.The new album CABALLERO by RAY DAYTONA AND THE GOOGOOBOMBOS,which is also available as CD in a delux-digipack, is precisely right for lovers of surf and punk or anyone who likes really wild music.

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