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Electric Cocks/ Dagger Dicks - Split
Electric Cocks/ Dagger Dicks - Split
Bowery Records | 7'' | 7

London penis-split (or split-penis?!!) spectacular featuring the snotty razor-cocked punk of the Dagger Dicks - think The Boys meets The Jabbers and the Electric Cocks serve up their debut recording of pure 1977 punk rock on this split of that will get you twitching like a spastic. The Dagger Dicks include members of The Gaggers and the Botox Rats and the Electric Cocks feature members of Johnny Throttle and The Spittin' Vicars. There are 2 covers for this split - the regular version and a super-special limited 'spunk' edition of just 100 units that are splashed with baby batter. 320 copies

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