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Cover of: Cellophane Suckers - One In A Zoo
One In A Zoo
High Noon | CD | 16 €

....ever since their inception in 1993 have the CELLOPHANE SUCKERS wreaked rocknroll havoc all over Europe. The guys from Cologne have played with everyone from the DIRTYS to the NEW BOMB TURKS, from the ONYAS to the EGOS, from THE HELLACOPTERS to Sonny Vincent and with their buddies MOORAT FINGERS, DUMBELL and the JET BUMPERS. Four full-lengths and a number of 7"s saw the light of day. In june, the Cellophane Suckers recorded a bunch of new tracks on two weekends only at the BeX studio in Cologne, maximum 3 takes gave maxmum live feeling. Mixed and mastered over the summer. Album no. Six - "ONE IN THE ZOO" will be released in December 2010 on the bands own High Noon Records. 11 Tracks made it to the record, including a homage to Australias best RNR combo - The Onyas ( "Hit You Up The Guts") and a Suckers style version of the Stones classics "Drivin Sister Fanny". Rollin with Soul!! Watch out for the CELLOPHANE SUCKERS live & loud again...

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