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Cover of: Various - Looking Good: Mod Club Classics 2lp
Looking Good: Mod Club Classics 2lp
Bgp | LP | 24 €

Dean Rudland compiler of many a dancefloor friendly compilation, both here and at previous places of fitful employment such as Blue Note and Acid Jazz, is trying to explain his latest BGP release. The title Looking Good: Mod Club Classics you would think explains it all, but as this is very close to his heart he's babbling on like a 15 year old school girl with a Westlife poster. "Modernism was the thing that got me started, with clubbing and records and clothes and, when I was going to clubs such as Sneakers in the 80s, the sort of records played there were the initial push that sent me down the path that has led me to where I am today." It's at this point we pour a bucket of (cold) water over his head. But still he doesn't stop: "midnight blue mohair suits from Powell and Co, loafers from Bass Weejun and incredibly funky R&B and soul records, a touch of jazz and latin, it's all incredibly evocative. But more importantly it's the foundation for UK club culture for the last 40 years. On Looking Good we've tried to create the atmosphere of a great smokey basement mod club with a DJ playing the finest 60s soul and R&B. It's a reprersentation, not meant to be accurate, but its something I wanted to do.

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