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Cover of: Gurumaniax - Psy Valley Hill
Psy Valley Hill
Bureau | LP | 22 €

The musicians: Mani Neumeier (drums) - founder and head of the legendary Krautrock combo Guru Guru, still one of Germanys finest drummers today. Ax Genrich (guitar) - Guru Guru member from 1970 to 1975, Guy Segers (bass), pivotal figure in the Belgian avant-garde rock scene. The music: Two Guru Guru luminaries (plus reinforcement on bass) turn back the clock to the heyday of the band, conjuring up superlative psychedelic rock jams to match their greatest efforts! Four days in the studio, three at the mixing desk and the psychedelic diamond was finished! Some song fragments already existed, but most were spontaneous creations of the triumvirate in the studio. Recalling classic Guru Guru highlights such as "Ufo" (1970), "Hinten" (1971) and "KnGuru" (1972), the trio launched themselves freely into improvisation, channelled through their psychedelic / progressive /avant-garde rock terrain of choice - others call it Krautrock.

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