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After releasing two beloved full/lengths, 2012-s Swearin- and 2013-s Surfing Strange, the Philadelphia band Swearin- quietly put things on hold. It was due, at least in part, to the band-s main songwriters, Allison Crutchfield and Kyle Gilbride, ending their romantic relationship. But when the band found themselves in a room again years later, the conversation turned back to Swearin-. @Without any hesitation or inhibitions,@ said Crutchfield, @we asked, [What would it take from each of us_ What would we want to accomplish if we decided to be a band again_-@ They realized that what they all wanted was to not just play shows, but to make a new record. They wanted to do something that reflected the people they-d become during those intervening years. Before long, Crutchfield and Gilbride had a new batch of Swearin- songs, ones that meshed with the sound they-d originally developed together but boldly pushed things forward. Fall into the Sun is a Swearin- record that doesn-t try to obscure the passage of time but instead embraces it. @Getting older, your tastes change, and what you want to do changes,@ said Bolt. That can be seen in songs like @Big Change,@ where Crutchfield says goodbye to Philly and the scene that she came up in, or in @Dogpile,@ where Gilbride offers the line any aging punk can relate to> @By pure dumb luck I-ve gotten where I-m going.@ @There was a lot on our minds, and it was a super fertile time to put a bunch of songs together,@ said Gilbride. It-s true of the material found on Fall into the Sun, but it-s noticeable in the album-s production, too. Much like the band-s previous albums, Gilbride anchored the recording and producing of the record, but this time around, the band worked to make the process feel more collaborative than ever before. @I feel like this was the first time I could look at a Swearin- record and say that I co/produced it, and that felt really good,@ said Crutchfield. Listening to Fall into the Sun, Swearin- is a more confident, collaborative version than the one people first came to know. Crutchfield and Gilbride always had an innate ability to mirror the other-s movements in songs, but here, they build a focused lyrical perspective across their songs, one that-s thankful for their past, but looks boldly toward the future.

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