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Debut album by Goatman, a new solo project by one of the members of the Swedish collective Goat. Recorded in late 2017 the 6 tracks on Rhythms reveal a true collision of African Rock, Jazz, Reggae, Gospel and Psych, but all put through the famous Goat filters. From the Fela Kutisqe drums and horns jam of Jaam Ak Salam, to the frantic gospel/jazz of Carry the Load. From the fuzzed Can via the 'Bristol sound' track of Hum Bebass Nahin, to the cinematic, Spacemen 3'esqe drones of the album closer Baaneexu. The end result is quite an astonishing and very unique album. Goatman plays all the instruments on the album bar some additional drums by Hanna Östergren from fellow Swe/dish bands Hills and Träd, Gräs & Stenar, and an added horn section courtesy of Johan Asplund, David Byström. Tracks Jaam Ak Salam and Aduna feature the very special voice of Senegalese singer Seydi Mandoza. You will also hear the vocals of Swe/dish based singers Amanda Werne on Carry the Load and Amerykhan on Hum Bebass Nahin. Goatman's passion for traditional and contemporary music from around the world can be clearly heard when listening to Rhythms. The level of authenticity and will/ingness for exploration that Goatman has captured truly shows a fanatical respect for the music he is greatly influenced by.

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