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Established in 1972 by a group of best friends in the East End of London, COCK SPARRER is more active today than they have ever been and are increasingly being recognized as one of the most influential and important punk scene/building bands of all time. While many bands from the first wave of punk and their newer counterparts embraced more of a celebrity status, and a bit of limelight, SPARRER has remained true to themselves and carries on for the right reasons?because they love it, and they love the family that their fans have truly become to them. Arguably the unsung heroes of punk rock, SPARRER has been cited as a main influence by GREEN DAY, RANCID, DROPKICK MURPHYS, SWINGIN- UTTERS and many others. After 46 years strong, SPARRER still puts on one of the best live performances you will ever see from any type of band. The albums have all become classics, perhaps none more rapidly or poetically than their newest album, Forever.TRACKLISTING> 01. RIOT SQUAD 02. WATCH YOUR BACK 03. WORKING 04. TEENAGE HEART 05. WHAT-S IT LIKE TO BE OLD_ 06. CLOSEDOWN 07. GET A ROPE 08. ARGY BARGY 09. RUN AWAY JOHNNY 10. TOUGH GUYS 11. TAKE -EM ALL 12. A.U. DISC 2> 01. DON-T BLAME US 02. I GOT YOUR NUMBER 03. BECAUSE YOU-RE YOUNG 04. SECRET ARMY 05. WHERE ARE THEY NOW_ 06. RUNNIN- RIOT 07. SUNDAY STRIPPER 08. CHIP ON MY SHOULDER 09. WHITE RIOT 10. ENGLAND BELONGS TO ME

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