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The eight/track upshot of doubt, upheaval and financial strain, Stains on Silence by Girls Names is one such release. Following 2015's blitzing Arms Around a Vision, and the parting of drummer Gib Cassidy just over a year later, the Belfast band suddenly found themselves facing down a looming void. "There was a finished - and then aborted - mix of the album, which was shelved for six months," reveals frontman Cathal Cully. The stumbling blocks that proved a strain be/came the album's defining breakthrough. Recorded in various locations including Belfast's Start Together Studio with Ben McAuley, Cully's home and the band's practice space, spontaneous creation, cut/up techniques and self/editing took centre/stage for the first time. @We started tearing the material apart and rebuilding, re/editing and re/recording different parts in my home in early Autumn last year," says Cully. "When we got them to a place we were happier with we went back into Start Together Studio with Ben McAuley to finalise the mixes to what they are now.@ Where AAAV proved a brazen statement of intent, Stains on Si/lence bounds forth as its feature/length comedown. What could have seen the band buckle became an opportunity for approach/ing things tabula rasa. During its two/year transmutation, Cully, bassist Claire Miskimmin and guitarist Philip Quinn had a single aim for their fourth album> to make an old/fashioned record clocking in around 30 to 35 minutes in length that made the listener reach straight for repeat. From the Bang Bang bar/summoning swoon of opener -25' and the submerged disco doom of aus Proud' to the rapt, dub/leaning ragments of a Portrait', Girls Names have excelled in their goal by forging an LP of synchronous nuance and defiance. Marked by the presence of drum machines and programming throughout, these eight masterfully/woven tales are once again commandeered by founder Cully, whose words, understated yet defiant, mine purpose and meaning from the mire.

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